Shoeing Tools

Shoeing Tools
Montana Farrier Supply stocks all styles of farrier tools for your shoeing needs. Lopez, GE Forge, Diamond and Nordic Forge, Mustad, St. Croix and W-Brand tools to making your job easier. We offer a variety of hoof knives, Hall, Ringel , Anvil Brand. Rounding and driving hammers, nail nippers, shoe pullers, hoof gauges for measuring angles.
RG 9 oz. Driving hammer
Fat Lab RH Knife
Bulldog Crosspein Hammer 1 3/4 lb.
Bulldog Crosspein 1 3/4lb. hammer is handmade by Butch Hockaday in VA. These...
GE Half Round Nippers
GE Half Round Nippers are useful for getting at impacted sole, or hard soles...
GE 12" EZ Hoof Nippers
AB The Knife LH
AB The Knife RH
Anvil Devil
Bar Stock Shear
GE crease nail pullers