Shoeing Tools

Shoeing Tools
Montana Farrier Supply stocks all styles of farrier tools for your shoeing needs. Lopez, GE Forge, Diamond and Nordic Forge, Mustad, St. Croix and W-Brand tools to making your job easier. We offer a variety of hoof knives, Hall, Ringel , Anvil Brand. Rounding and driving hammers, nail nippers, shoe pullers, hoof gauges for measuring angles.
Fat Lab RH Knife
Flatland Forge Mr. Shorty 2 Rounding hammer
Flatland Forge 2 lb. Mr. Shorty Rounding hammer. This hammer is well made...
GE 12" Hoof Nippers
Flatland Forge Flatter
AB The Knife LH
AB The Knife RH
Anvil Devil
Diamond Clinch cutter
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