Horse Hoofcare & Repair supplies, Vettec Adhesive Spacers, Vettec Contouring Plastic, Vettec Sole Guard, Equi-Pak, Equi-Build, Vettec Large Gun, Foam Boards, Vettec Superfast, Keratex Hoof Putty

Hoofcare & Repair
Montana Farrier Supply carries a variety of products to repair hoof wall, glue on shoes, sealants, Dental impression material, Sole Pack, Oakum. We have the full line of Vettec products, Keratex Hoof Putty, Tuff Stuff and Edward Martins hoof coatings and Venice Turpentine.
Thrush Buster 2 oz.
Packing: Oakum 1 lb.
1 lb. bag/ about 3 strands
Packing: Sole Pack, 4 lb.
4 lb. tub
Sealants: Edward Martin's Hoof Coating
8 oz. with applicator brush. This is a non-solvent based, non-toxic coating...
Sealants: Hoof Pro Venice Turpentine, pint
Hoof Pro Pure Venetian Turpentine 16 oz. 100% medicinal grade gum spirits and...
Sealants: Tuff Stuff
7.5 fl. Oz. with applicator brush
Vettec: Adhere 180cc
Vettec: Adhere 50cc
Vettec: Adhesive Spacers, 50 ct.
50 ct. bag.
Vettec: Foam Boards
Vettec: Mesh- roll
Roll of 8 feet.